Welcome to Birch Tree Wellness Massage Therapy, providing professional, high quality therapeutic massage, bodywork and other healing modalities in a safe, caring environment.

Massage is not just an indulgence! If you are struggling with chronic pain, stress, anxiety, or depression, massage can help. The cycle of stress/pain/distress can create chronic holding patterns in our bodies. Massage helps break these patterns by relieving muscle tension, reducing muscle tension related pain, decreasing stress hormones (cortisol), and increasing positive hormones (endorphins). 

how massage can help

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if our pain comes from our emotional or mental distress, or if that distress is caused by chronic pain. Either way, Birch Tree Wellness is all about helping you break the cycle of pain, find relief, and improve your mental while being while allowing your body to set up the conditions needed to heal itself. I believe in supporting mind, body and spirit on the path to wellness, and can help you find the right combination to get you on the right path.

You can find out more about the different types of massage and healing on the Services page. To schedule an appointment online, you can Book Now on MassageBook.com