What Do I Wear (or Not Wear) in a Massage?

girl-1302360_1920I just scheduled a massage, do I need to get naked?
Short answer:
No. Absolutely not.
Long answer:
What I’ll often say to a client is, “Undress to your level of comfort.” Maybe that’s a little bit too vague. Plus, if you’ve never had a massage before, you probably have no idea what that even means. Do I even know what that means? Maybe?! Anyway, here’s what you need to know about clothing during your massage:
arm drapeFirst, no matter what, you’ll always be covered (draped) with a sheet and a blanket. You’ll never be left feeling exposed. When I work on your arm, I hold the sheet by your arm pit, roll it back out of the way, and tuck it under you so that it’s secure.
leg drape
For your legs, I uncover one leg at a time and tuck the sheet under your other leg, or I may pull the sheet under your leg and up along your hip, tucking you in tightly so that we can do leg or hip stretches without you feeling exposed or drafty.
back drapeWhen I work on the full back, I fold the sheet and blanket down to your hips. If you’re wearing underwear or pants,  I’ll tuck the sheet around the waistband, to help protect your clothes from the lotion or oil. If at any time you’re cold or uncomfortable, just let me know. I have extra sheets and blankets available!
So, where does this whole “your level of comfort” come in? It means that if you do not feel comfortable removing a particular article of clothing, that is perfectly fine. If you’re wearing a bra, I’ll work around it. If you’re wearing a tank top or shorts or long johns, I’ll work through them. If your feet get cold and you want to leave your socks on, no worries! If you want to keep all of your clothes on, that’s okay, too!
There are plenty of massage techniques that can be administered over clothing. If we reach a point where I feel I can’t effectively treat your issue through the clothing you’ve chosen to wear, I’ll let you know and we’ll figure out another approach.
treatment-1327811_1920The most important thing to remember is, whatever you choose to wear (or not wear) during your massage, it’s okay with me, and I’m not judging you. Your massage is all about you and it’s important that you feel comfortable and relaxed. For some people that means leaving some clothing on. For others, it means taking it all off. There is no right or wrong,
Enjoy your next massage!

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