Tricia is a graduate of the Therapeutic Bodywork Learning Center in Brewer, Maine, and has been working in some sort of healing capacity for nearly 30 years, much of that time in veterinary care or helping people on a spiritual and energetic level.

Tricia’s years of animal care range from cleaning kennels to assisting in surgery as a veterinary technician in a veterinary emergency clinic. She helped nurture everything from baby robins to hawks at an avian rehabilitation center. In addition, she spent time organizing the medical and preventive care for shelter animals, helping them find homes more quickly.

On the human side, Tricia has spent many years as a Reiki practitioner and energy healer, helping people heal on an energetic level. She has used her intuitive and empathic gifts to help people heal on a spiritual level, and taught them how to recognize and use their own intuition.

With her massage therapy business, Tricia looks forward to helping people heal on an even more practical, hands on level. She believes that body, mind and spirit need love and attention to help people heal on a whole person level.

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