About Tricia

Tricia PicI’d love to tell you all how I’m this super Zen, calm & collected, healing Earth Mother of a massage therapist. I’m pretty sure that’s what it would say on my cape. But, while I do have my moments of awesome zen-healing-earth-mother-ness, and that’s my ultimate goal in life, the truth is, I’m a weirdo (aren’t we all?).

My background is as varied as you can imagine. I grew up in Central New York, lived in Hawaii for 3 years, and have lived in Maine since 2008. I have been living in Orono since 2015.

I have a degree in graphic arts, and when time allows, still create art as much as possible. I sing choral music. I worked for 15 years as a veterinary assistant, spent some time in retail and customer service, and finally found my way to massage school in 2015. I’ve spent nearly 30 years working in intuitive arts, Reiki, and energy healing.

I’m an introvert who keeps putting herself into decidedly non-introvert situations. I love bad puns. I’m likely to tell bad jokes and talk about my cats like they’re my kids. (I also welcome sharing pet photos!) If chatting about random nerdy topics is your thing, I’m in! You can find me entertaining, educating and informing on my blog, Instagram, and Facebook.

That being said, I am Passionate about helping people feel better. (Yes, with a capital P.) I love working with my clients to sort out the source of their pain and figure out the best way to resolve it. Sometimes it’s massage, other times it’s Reiki, or stretches, or maybe working in conjunction with your doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor.

trapeziusI will follow your lead during the massage. If you want to talk, we can talk. If you want to zone out and listen to the music, I will be quiet, too. If you want to learn more, I will happily geek out about your muscles and how they work, and how you might think it’s one muscle causing the problem, but it might actually be another muscle. Or go on and on about how posture contributes to muscle pain. Science! I love to research techniques to help you with your specific problems (more science!) and recommend tools and exercises you can use at home between appointments.

If you can accept a few bad puns and awkward commentary about life, you will find that I strive to provide you with the best massage ever, whether it’s therapeutic or you just need to relax. I encourage questions and conversation, and you’re always welcome to contact me to talk about your goals for your massage therapy. Let’s work together to help your body set up the conditions needed to promote self-healing.

Be Well,



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