Are Gift Certificates Really Helpful?

In uncertain times, are gift certificates really helpful?

I’ve read quite a bit online about purchasing gift certificates to help a small business stay afloat. Many of you have generously done so already, or prepaid for your next series of appointments. This is all extremely thoughtful and wonderful.

That being said, there’s something of a catch-22 to this plan. For example, If I bring in enough money in gift certificates to pay my May rent, that solves that immediate problem. However, if I can open in June and everyone who’s prepaid comes in at once, I’ve already spent that money and now have no cash flow to pay June’s expenses.

This is why, as my business has grown, I’ve worked hard to put everyone’s gift certificate and prepaid appointment money into a separate account, and I don’t take it out until you actually come in for that appointment. So, you can see how I am basically putting off the inevitable by spending your money before you come in.

Saving money from gift certificates

Additionally, there’s something of an ethical quandary. As I said, these are uncertain times. I feel pretty positive that I will eventually be able to open for business. But if I don’t? I need to be able to pay people back. Or, God forbid, my estate needs to pay you back.

So. I love you all, and if you really want to pre-pay for appointments or purchase gift certificates, I’m not going to stop you. Just keep in mind, I’m probably going to try my darnedest not to spend it until we can actually see each other again.

If you’d really like to help me stay afloat, there’s a couple of ways you can help. Schedule a Distance Reiki session! In addition, you can purchase my artwork! Watch my art website ( or art Facebook page (@triciagriffitharts) for artwork for sale. Stay tuned for the possibility of T-shirts and other Birch Tree Wellness items for sale.

In the meantime, stay negative, friends.

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  1. Hello! I am a massage therapist in a suburb of Kansas City, MO… I came across your website and read your blog about purchasing Gift Certificates/Prepaying for packages, etc…..Hallelujah! I have found someone who feels the same way I do about the prepaid situation…you presented your concern in such a tasteful way, non-threatening! The key is that you are able to direct your clients to alternate service/product by which to help sustain you financially. I have wanted to express and educate this concern to my clients & potential clients, but hadn’t come up with the right words to say it! May I have your permission to borrow/share this concern but personalize it for me??
    I am not tech savvy… did you set yo your website thru WordPress?
    Stay safe and keep your healing energy flowing!

    • Hi Dee! You’re welcome to share my post! I use Mac Highway to host my website, with essentially a WordPress building tool integrated. I did originally create the site directly through WordPress. I hope that helps, and stay safe & healthy! ~Tricia

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