graphic with reiki level one wordsAn introduction to Reiki, a Japanese form of relaxation and energy healing. Based upon the idea that there is a universal life force flowing in and around all things, Reiki seeks to repair and restore the energy flow in your body.

Reiki is taught in a series of four levels: Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced, and Master. In this fun and informative level I class, you will learn what the heck Reiki is, including its ancient origins, more modern history, and how it has come to be so widespread in the western world. We'll discuss how it works and the benefits of it. You’ll learn how to share Reiki with others or use it on yourself, and become attuned to the Reiki energy.

You’ll have plenty of time to practice giving Reiki as well as experience what it feels like. Not to mention, meet like minded people and make new friends!

  • DATE: Saturday, November 4, 2023
  • TIME: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • LOCATION: Birch Tree Wellness, 69 Main Street, Orono
  • REGISTRATION DEADLINE: October 20, 2023
  • FEE: $175
  • DEPOSIT: $50 (non-refundable)*
  • TO REGISTER: Fill out this Google Form

    *If for some reason you are unable to attend this class, you can apply the fee to the next class.

    COVID POLICY: At this time vaccine and masks are NOT required but highly recommended as you will be working in close proximity in a relatively small area.