LMT COVID-19 Massage Protocol

Before the Massage

  • Put on a face mask before the client arrives
  • Take client’s temperature upon arrival
  • Screen client for COVID-19 symptoms
  • Ask about out of state/county travel within the last two weeks
  • Session/massage goals, general health check-in
  • Instruct the client on the use of the face-covering during massage
  • Start the client prone unless otherwise indicated
  • Leave the room

Hand Washing & Prep

  • Wash hands up to elbows, dry with towel/paper towel
  • Use the same towel to open doors
  • Put on face shield/eye protection
  • Open massage room door
  • Sanitize hands
  • Put on gloves if needed

Massage Session

  • Prone massage
  • Sanitize hands
  • Give client mask if necessary
  • Roll client over
  • Sanitize hands
  • Supine massage
  • Remind client to leave their mask on and their sanitize hands before leaving the room

Post Massage

  • Discard gloves
  • Leave room
  • Remove face shield
  • Wash hands up to elbows, dry with towel/paper towel
  • Open doors with towel
  • Client check out
  • Give client wipes for door handles if desired