Fully Booked into May 2022

fully booked

Just a heads up, friends! My appointment book is full, full, full! I spent some time yesterday getting some of my waiting list clients onto the schedule, and right now the next openings are in mid to late May.

Please keep that in mind when purchasing gift certificates for friends & family. If you’re hoping they’re going to get a massage on their birthday or even sometime soon… maybe not so much?

Existing Clients

Existing clients who still need to schedule their regular appointments, please pop online and get your summer appointments scheduled, then shoot me an email or a message on FB and let me know what months you still need an appointment and what days/times work for you.

New Clients

I am closing new client books until late spring, early summer. I’ve contacted everyone currently on my waiting list to give them options for scheduling or helping them find somewhere else to get in sooner. If you have recently purchased a gift certificate for someone who has not been here before, I will do my best to honor it and get them in somewhere on the schedule.

I Didn’t Forget You (Hopefully)

If I’ve already spoken to you about getting a loved one in for the first time, they’re still on my list and I’ll let you know when there’s an opening
Otherwise, you’re welcome to put your name on the waiting list (you can find it here), and I’ll keep you posted as to when the schedule opens up again!

Thank you all a million times over for your amazing love & support for my little business!

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