Appointment Times

Your appointment time is ideally the time your massage starts. The best plan is to arrive 5-10 minutes early. This gives us a chance to touch base about what you’re looking for in your massage. Then, we can get you comfy on the table and start your massage on time.

If you arrive VERY early, keep in mind that I may still be in with the client before you. I may also be tidying up and preparing for your appointment. The office door will be open when I’m ready for you!

Late Arrival

If you’re late for your appointment, you may not be able to get your full hour massage. I do my best to get you as close to a full hour as you can. Keep in mind that I most often have appointments immediately following yours. If you arrive late, I won’t be able to go much past the scheduled end time. You are still responsible for paying for the full price of your appointment. Thank you for understanding.

Missed Appointments

If you miss your appointment there will be a $25 missed appointment fee applicable before your next appointment. In addition, prepayment will be required for your next appointment. If you call or message, that will be taken into consideration.


Please allow 24 hour notice for rescheduling or cancelling appointments. This allows plenty of time to let other people who may be waiting for an appointment know there is a time available. Chronic short notice rescheduling may result in a $25 cancellation fee applicable before your next appointment, as well as non-refundable pre-payment for your appointment.

No Gratuity Necessary

If you feel my skills are worth more than the prices I have set, and you would like to show your appreciation with a tip, it will be humbly received. However, my regular rates are all-inclusive, and I have no expectation of receiving anything more.

Thank You!