Self-Care Day 15

Purge Your Social Media

A little different than just taking a break from social media, this is taking a serious look at your “friends” and who/what you follow on social media (think Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc…) and asking yourself if it really brings you anything positive. Maybe you don’t have to completely unfriend or unfollow people or pages, but just turn off notifications.

Life is stressful enough these days and social media doesn’t help, at least not for me. I’ve gotten better at filtering out things that give me stress and focusing on posts by friends and family and sites that are funny or uplifting, or just photos of friends and family I haven’t seen in ages.

On Facebook, you can “snooze” a person or page for 30 days or unfollow them outright. On TikTok, you can look at your profile, who you’re following, and unfollow or turn on/off notifications (there may be other things you can do, but I am mostly just a lurker there). On Instagram, click on a post you don’t want to see and choose “hide” or “unfollow”.

You’re the curator of your social media experience. Think about making a place that brings you smiles and memories.

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