Self-Care Day 23

Try a New Healthy Recipe

For the last couple of years, I have tended to stick to my favorite comfort foods or old favorites when it comes to dinner prep. Some of them are even healthy, or at least less overtly unhealthy. 😏

Every now and then, I like to peruse the interwebs and find new healthy recipes to try. Some of my favorite sources are Pinterest boards, Cooking Light, Budget Bytes, and Peace, Love, & Low Carb.

I don’t tend to follow any particular diet trend, and I’m not vegetarian, but sometimes I’ll try a keto or low carb meal, or a meatless dish. I’ve experimented with curry, stir-fries, and soups. Soups are actually a fairly easy new thing to try if cooking is not your jam. One of my recent favorites was a tasty vegetable soup.

Pick a night sometime soon and try a new recipe. Share it in the comments if you loved it!

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