Massage Pricing:

COVID-19 UPDATE NOTE: I HAVE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED 120-MINUTE SESSIONS. This is to limit the amount of time spent together in a closed room in close contact.

how massage can help
  • 60 Minutes: $80
  • 75 Minutes: $95
  • 90 Minutes: $110
  • 120 Minutes: $140

It’s All Therapeutic:

At Birch Tree Wellness, I believe that all massage is therapeutic. Just schedule your massage, and we’ll talk about what you need. Maybe you just need a slow, relaxing Swedish massage, or maybe you need me to really dig in deep or do some stretching work. Whatever is therapeutic to you, we’ll work together at the time of your appointment to decide what the best massage is for you.

Swedish massage is at the base of all the work I do. Swedish massage is a relaxing massage with long, flowing strokes. It helps to relieve pain and muscle tension while increasing the circulation of blood and lymph and aiding in the removal of metabolic wastes from your body. Learn more about Swedish Massage.

Hot Stone Massage:

Synergy Stones

I heat specially sculpted stoneware Synergy Stones on a BodyMed heating pad and use them directly on your muscles to help reduce muscle tension and increase circulation. Super soothing and relaxing.

  • One Stone Add-on: Free
  • 2-3 Stones Add-on: $10

Reiki Therapy:

Reiki is based on the idea that an unseen life force energy flows through us and gives us life. If this energy is low or blocked, people are more likely to feel stressed or ill. Releasing these blocks can help you feel more positive and healthy. For your Reiki session, you will be relaxing on the massage table. You can also receive Reiki while seated or from a distance. Learn more about Reiki Therapy.

  • 60 Minutes: $80

Massage & Reiki Magic:

Can’t decide if you want massage or Reiki? For this appointment, the first half of your session will be whatever type of massage you need. And then we’ll finish up the second half with a relaxing Reiki session.

  • 60 Minutes $80
  • 90 Minutes $110
  • 120 Minutes $140