Self-Care Day 17

Make a List of Your Accomplishments

I kind of love this idea. Maybe you just write it on a Post-It Note, type a list on your phone or computer, create a resume of your greatest hits, or even get super fancy and make something with colored paper and embellishments.

Take a moment to think about what you’re proud of about yourself. Did you win a spelling bee when you were a kid? Get a ribbon at a science fair? Learn to kayak or ski? Graduate? Have children? Travel? Accomplish goals? Win a Major Award? Anything goes!

If you’re prone to feeling imposter syndrome about your current career or passion, make a list of everything you accomplished to get there. Training, education, hard work, sweat, glory. If you’re stuck ask a friend or family member for ideas!

Keep that list (or lists!) around in case you’re feeling in a funk. Remind yourself why you’re badass.