Self-Care Day 19

Create a Bucket List

How many of you have an actual written/typed-out bucket list? Or are you like me, where “things I’d like to do sometime in this lifetime” just sort of rattle around in your head and maybe you remember them, maybe you promptly forget them?

Writing down your dreams and goals can be an important step in actually accomplishing them. Plus, you won’t forget to watch for the opportunity to check that item off your list. If it’s randomly floating around in your brain, you’ll probably only remember it at weird times when you can’t do anything about it. 🙃

Like your accomplishments list, your bucket list can be as simple or as fancy as you like. Add another page to the file on your computer, grab a new color sticky note, or whip out all those scrapbooking tools you got!

However you do it, just get them written down where you can see them occasionally and remind yourself what you’re working so hard for!