Self-Care Day 16

Turn Off Your Phone for an Evening

I confess that I sometimes do this sort of accidentally. I have gotten so that all the bings and buzzes and notifications drive me crazy, so I tend to keep my phone on silent. Then, of course, I set my phone down and wander around and realize it’s been two hours and I have no idea if anyone has tried to reach meΒ πŸ˜†

But maybe we can all pick a night and be a little more intentional about it. For many of us, it’s the only actual telephone we have. One option is to put your phone on do not disturb.

I know that on my phone I can go into my do not disturb settings and choose to allow calls from the favorites on my contact, family, or other specific groups. This makes it so they can still reach you in an emergency.

The purpose of this tip is to not be “on” for a few hours. Not responding to every text or instant message… instantly. Not mindlessly scrolling news feeds or videos. Instead, read a book, work on an art or craft project, knit/crochet, or watch a movie.

Give your neck, eyes, and brain a break from staring at your phone for a couple of hours. You might like it, it might make you twitchy, but hey, you tried itΒ πŸ™ƒ